StreamScapes at Teagasc Biodiversity Conference: Launching ‘Proposal for an All-Ireland Wildlife Web’

Oct 20, 2015

StreamScapes proposes an ‘All-Ireland Wildlife Web’ to link existing Protected Areas (see Proposal- ‘All Ireland Wildlife Web’):


“Existing conservation areas have typically been established over time in a piecemeal, ad hoc way to protect specific endangered species or habitats rather than through a systematic process taking into account the full range of species, habitats, and ecological processes that comprise regional biodiversity


developing linkages or corridors of natural vegetation between existing conservation areas has the potential to not only provide a pathway for dispersal, migration, pollination, and other ecological processes that are critical to maintain biodiversity within conservation areas, but also the potential to be designed in such a way that the corridors themselves incorporate additional habitats and species.”


Also at the conference the Poster advertising this year’s StreamScapes/IASTA ‘Farming & Biodiversity/Water Quality’ Competition for 2nd-level Ag. Sci. students is being distributed.  This Project is supported by @EPACatchments and the Irish Agricultural Teachers’ Association (IASTA: see See Competition Poster:  2015 Farming & Water Quality Poster