Gearing up for StreamScapes Loobagh Project!

Apr 15, 2015

The River Loobagh (gaelic=An Lúbach; twisted, meandering), a tributary of the River Maigue which flows into Shannon Estuary, is a beautiful river passing through rich farmland and vibrant communities in south County Limerick.

The StreamScapes team will be working with Limerick City & County Council to produce the ‘StreamScapes Loobagh’ Project, which will engage 7 schools and 3 community groups in the Catchment in aquatic & biodiversity studies.  A dedicated environmental education booklet is being produced in support of the project and will be distributed throughout the community; this publication will also be available for download from this website shortly!

Photo shows Kilmallock Abbey on the River Loobagh (image by Diarmuid O’Leary).


Kilmallock Abbey Diarmuid O'Leary Cropped Compressed