Biodiversity Week Engagement

May 24, 2017

StreamScapes, supported by DAHRRGA, NPWS, & IEN, produced 2 engagement activities in Glengarriff Nature Reserve over last weekend; on Saturday we looked at the ‘Aquatic Biodiversity’ of the Glengarriff River, and on Sunday we discussed the ‘Terrestrial & Avian Biodiversity’ of the wider Catchment.  Many thanks to Clare Heardman, NPWS Ranger; Stephanie O’Toole, StreamScapes Outreach Director, and all of the participants for 2 wonderful days of learning!



Participants just can’t wait to get their hands on those nets, see what lives in the River, and to learn about how we can minimise our impacts upon Aquatic Biodiversity!


Stephanie O’Toole of StreamScapes tells life-cycle stories about the aquatic inverts we found.


Glengarriff Nature Reserve / NPWS Ranger Clare Heardman shares wildlife stories with Biodiversity Week participants.