Streamscapes Projects

Current Projects:

StreamScapes pioneered the concept of working with a specific Catchment, promoting awareness of local aquatic & biodiversity issues and empowering local communities to author local solutions.  The programme has featured in many catchments around Ireland north and south, including:

• Streamscapes Ilen

• Streamscapes Erne

• StreamScapes Loobagh

• StreamScapes Armagh (Slieve Gullion Catchments)

• StreamScapes Laune

• StreamScapes Ulster Blackwater

• StreamScapes Poulnasherry Bay (& Wood River)

• StreamScapes Lee

• StreamScapes Feale

• StreamScapes Bantry Rivers


Historical Projects:

• StreamScapes Bantry Bay Catchments (1989-1995)

• StreamScapes Ilen (1996)

• StreamScapes Coomhola/Ouvane/Glengarriff (1997)

• StreamScapes Martin/Shournagh (River Lee tributaries) (1998)

• StreamScapes Corcaigh (1999-2001)

• StreamScapes Gaillimh (2001-2003)

• StreamScapes Bhutan (2002-2003; StreamScapes resources & methodology utilised in Bhutanese river communities)

• StreamScapes Bandon (2004)

• StreamScapes Upper Lee (2005)

• StreamScapes Flesk (2007)

• StreamScapes Kenmare River (2009)

• StreamScapes Cnoc Bui (2010)

• StreamScapes Ouvane (2011)

• StreamScapes Abha na Saileach – River of the Willow (2012-2014)

• StreamScapes Beara Catchments (2014)


Other Sample Project Work:

• 1989-2002: Salmon stocking of Irish SW rivers; smolt micro-tagging w/ Marine Institute:     Utilising salmon stocking exercises as basis of community aquatic education courses (cross-sectoral representation for capture/breeding/releases: salmon ova hatching in schools; basis of ‘Small Fry Festivals’/public release of salmon fry)

• 1996-1997: Facilitated contribution of fertilised River Ilen salmon to the RHINE 2000 project (the restocking of salmon into the River Rhine)

• 2007-2012: Hosted Freshwater Pearl Mussel Captive Breeding Research (Margaritifera margaritifera and Margaritifera durrovensis): w/ supporting educational programme & interpretive displays


Field Trip reflections cropped

Streamscapes methodology stresses immersion in field experience…revealing the wonders of biodiversity spurs participants to become conscious stewards of local waters and wildlife!