StreamScapes produces imaginative publications and projects to increase awareness of the wealth of Biodiversity which inhabits healthy environments, and encourages action to assess, conserve, and enhance these environments in your locality and throughout Ireland:


All-Ireland Wildlife Web  (A proposal to establish linkages/corridors between existing protected areas)


Who Lives in My Townland?
Download this introduction to Biodiversity survey and learn how you can contribute to the National Biodiversity Data Centre


Farming & Biodiversity
Annual national competition for secondary Agricultural Science students


Freshwater Pearl Mussel (FPM) Captive Breeding Research

From 2007 Coomhola Salmon Trust hosted this FPM (Margaritifera margaritifera and M. durrovensis) Project and used it as a basis for  a Biodiversity Educational Programme.

Photo below is of microscopic juvenile mussel glochidia on a trout’s gill at 250x (Photo by Dr. Evelyn Moorkens taken at Coomhola Salmon Trust Research Facility).

Glochidia Lo-Res